We are a technology company and provide infrastructure for implementing process and sales automation to Manufacturing, Engineering and Distribution companies. Utilizing our proprietary and highly efficient applications, we help companies leverage innovative technologies to reduce cost and boost efficiency, resulting in increased revenues and profits

In today's highly competitive market, manufacturers and distributors are challenged with the burden of educating their customers with accurate information. In the Internet world, customers demand information - NOW.

Keeping your engineering, product, sales and marketing information accurate and readily accessible to your customers can be an intimidating and a never-ending task.

At OnlineEngineer, our mission is to provide optimum, innovative solutions towards meeting your software automation needs by effectively adopting a range of innovative technologies. Our flagship product "SmartEngineer" is designed for both information Generators and information Users.

Extremely customizable and modular, SmartEngineer offers the capabilities to your team to effectively manage your company's unique requirements. From the design stage to after sales service, SmartEngineer provides a unified platform and easy to use interface for managing all your product data securely, anytime and anyplace.

Our specialized software engineers work with you to understand your unique requirements and tailor SmartEngineer to significantly improve and enhance your engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing activities.


Improved Interactive MRO
Oct 2017

  • Interactive Operation Manual
  • Click Part to Order
  • Virtual Technician for Repairs
  • Maintenance Scheduling

New Configurator Modules
Jun 2017

  • Product Financing
  • New Distributor Parts Library
  • Conversion of Quotes to Orders
  • Built in financing

Improved Configurator
Apr 2016

  • Customizable Quotations
  • Product Comparison
  • Specialized Reports
  • Click and Pick Options